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Rays of Hope: Lighting the Way in Life’s Transitions and Losses

New book for 2021 – give a lasting gift for anyone in transition.! It’s never easy weathering life’s changes, transitions, and losses, but Rays of Hope offers support and guidance for anyone in the midst of a challenging turning point.

Rays of Hope is a beautifully illustrated and encouraging book on how to manage grief, loss, and transitions. It is honest yet comforting, providing the wisdom to help transcend life’s most difficult challenges. Highly recommended!”
-David McNally, bestselling author of Even Eagles Need a Push ($20)

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Mindful Money Matters

Learn the eight money motives and how they bring out your strengths in financial planning matters. See how they pair up with their money rascals – those traits that can make mischief if they get overly dominant. Use the eight great growth tools and tailor your journey to the pace and depth you prefer.($20)

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The Power in Your Money Personality

Discover the eight money rascals that guide your emotions, thoughts, and habits with money. Learn to tame them for a peaceful mind and healthy outcomes! ($14.95)

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Mindful Money for Wealth & Well-Being

Financial therapy guidance with easy to remember acronyms that help practitioners heighten awareness and attentiveness in personal finance. A “must read” according to Investment News magazine. ($20 for  paperback and $10 for kindle version).

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Rays of Hope in Times of Loss

A beautiful gift book for people grieving a significant loss. Full-color nature photography integrates with poems and therapeutic narrative to gently guide readers through the emotional excursion of grief. ($18.95)

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Mindful Prosperity Special Report

FREE download here! Climb aboard the brain train with this special report on how our brains develop neural pathways and what you can do to train your brain to tame your stress.




Mindful Prosperity: GEM Guide to Mental Wealth

FREE download here! Learn the three powerful GEM steps to add new sparkle to your life at any age. Exercises help you become more deeply aware and attentive to the higher purpose of your life’s memories, meanings, and movement.


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