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Marriage and business partners, Susan and Steve Zimmerman, co-founded the firm as Zimmerman Financial Group in January, 1988. Their early mission regarding your financial assets has remained consistent: to deliver comprehensive financial planning services that help you organize your finances, clarify and calculate what it takes to fund your goals, and get the money in place to achieve them.

As our firm grew, along with our experience and credentials, we added services to help with your “human assets.” Human assets are the non-financial matters that are a critical component of life long planning. They include your values, talents, interests, important relationships, and peace of mind.

That’s why we renamed the firm Mindful Asset Planning. Being mindful in your planning means to be both aware and attentive. We help you grow your awareness in several categories. It includes self-awareness, financial literacy, and having a healthy decision process.

As your awareness grows, it’s vitally important to attend to it. Attend means “to give care, to minister to.” We help you attend to your financial decisions so that important considerations are not neglected, but rather integrated into all of the recommendations we make for you.

Our scope of services has grown over the years, as have the members of our dedicated MAP advisory team.  They all have advanced education in financial planning, and our support team also has extensive education and experience.  For more information about the MAP team, click on our About section.

Founded in 1988 by Steve and Susan Zimmerman

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