Unbiased Advice

Are you looking for unbiased, fee-only advice from a fiduciary? Fiduciaries act in clients’ best interest and fee-only means the fee-for-service is paid by the client. MAP is paid directly by clients and accepts no commissions or payments from outside sources. This keeps our focus on the best possible outcome for your future financial success and well-being.

When hiring a professional advisor, it’s important to know the Firm’s reputation and history, its advisors’ credentials and experience as independent experts. Advice and recommendations must be provided without conflicts of interest from third-party compensation arrangements. It’s important to include choices from a complete spectrum of available options without bias.

As a fiduciary, MAP has always placed clients’ interests first. By creating definable benefits that are clearly outlined, a satisfying and meaningful relationship has enduring value. You receive benefits beyond investment returns and wealth management. Your important values and issues are understood and integrated into all your choices for maximum positive impact.

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