Planning Topics

We organize your financial information and provide customized analyses to evaluate a wide array of money decisions so you can be confident with your choices. Your prosperity raises to new and lasting heights when you get your financial “ducks in a row.”

We summarize your current resources and determine strategies to help you reach your future financial destinations with greater ease.

This includes:

Financial Statements – Net Worth, Cash Flow, and Income Tax audits

Saving/Spending Plans and Special Purchase Goals computations.

Estate Planning – Beneficiaries, Wills, Trusts and Healthcare Directives.

Life Planning – Aligning your values with your money decisions.

Topics we address:


Retirement planning:
We provide efficient retirement income strategies that integrate optimal tax and investment options with your career transitions and life stages.

Debt analysis:
This includes strategic evaluation of loans and mortgages. Efficient restructuring of existing debt can help balance payments and savings to more quickly increase your net worth.

Insurance / Risk analysis:
We help you understand the potential risks you might be exposed to and decide upon insuring them. We can also direct you to proven reliable providers.

Education planning:
This starts with a clearly defined education funding philosophy applied to a customized strategy so you can achieve it. We also help you navigate through the financial aid application and FAFSA process as needed, evaluating loan and payback options.

Family legacy & gifting:
Inheritance planning and lifetime gifts for the next generation as well as charitable planning is included in your goals discussion. They are then built into your plan to honor your priorities.

Business planning:
This allows you to leverage your business to grow your personal wealth at a greater rate. It includes Qualified Retirement Plans (401k, SIMPLE), Deferred Compensation Plans, Buy/Sell Funding and Business Buyout Options, and Key Employee Incentive Plans.

Investment Strategies:
We help to take the mystery out of how all this works so you have greater confidence that your expectations will be met and outcomes will be positive. Both traditional and non-traditional investments are considered, such as how real estate and businesses fit into your overall investment plan.

Tax strategies
Accountants typically help file your taxes after the tax year is complete, missing the opportunity for many tax reduction strategies. At MAP, we develop multi-year strategies and opportunities based on your situation and coordinate these with your tax preparer.

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