Identify your “Alpha” Money Rascal!

Our assessment will reveal your motivating drivers. Which one dominates your choices?


urge to splurge on flashy image items; Flashers primary motive is prestige.


rash and impulsive frequent shopper; Rashers are motivated by spontaneity.


clashes in spending vs. saving habits; Clashers are tired of conflict and want peace.


dashing everywhere except $ management; Dashers motive is simplicity.


bashes materialism, embraces modesty; Bashers primary motive is virtue.


ashen & pale from worrying about money; Ashers are motivated by security.


crave to save cash, debt-hater, ledger-lover; Cashers crave control.


stashes money in growth investments; Stashers alpha motive is growth.

Do any of your money rascals need a little taming? Find out how claim and tame them for good by taking MAP’s Motivated Asset Pattern Assessment.

Money Rascal Assessment

In order to take the assessment, you’ll need log-in information. To obtain this, contact


What is Your Money Personality?

Have you ever wondered where your financial habits come from? They are habitual patterns that define your money personality. These are your money rascals and they may make mischief if they’re overly dominant.


Your personality has four components that characterize your pet preferences with money. Remember them with the acronym PETS. It’s especially important to be mindful of your emotions and thoughts relative to money.


How do you physically handle your money? The physical component includes your organizational record keeping preferences as well as cash vs credit cards vs electronic aspects.


We all have emotional tendencies with money. Do you feel confident and optimistic or are you more anxious and insecure? Does handling money matters feel delightful or frightful?


How you think about your finances steers your direction. We all have both conscious and unconscious thought habits. It’s important to gain clarity so your thoughts align with decisions.


This reflects how you behave socially with your money. Do you act differently with your money when you’re with people than when you’re alone? It’s liberating to bring them into alignment.

Your money personality drives the motivations and actions you’ve historically taken in your financial life. When you discover your most dominant internal drivers, it helps you understand and manage emotions and thoughts about money more effectively.

It also enables you to more easily make adjustments as you see fit. Most of us have been on automatic pilot to some extent in our financial life. It may have served us well or not so well, or a little of each.

Take the MAP money personality assessment

it’s brief but deep! You’ll learn strategies to make the most of your primary strengths in financial matters. You’ll also discover how to tame your money rascals – those mischievous traits that may cause financial challenges.

The assessment creates a customized report showing your dominant motivational drivers out of eight possible motives. It includes checklists of common underlying emotions and thoughts for each of your top three styles. You’ll gain conscious awareness of the meanings and messages about money you’ve received earlier in life. This helps you make connections to your past and present choices, to guide optimal outcomes in the future.

Money Rascal Assessment

In order to take the assessment, you’ll need log-in information. To obtain this, contact

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