Couple in 40’s with Children

Josh and Jenna


When Josh and Jenna came to MAP, they had developed a good financial foundation due to good habits of saving and spending less than they earn. Although they felt comfortable and stable financially, they were unsure how prepared they would be if one of them lost their job, or had a major medical expense. With their children entering high school soon, knowing how to plan efficiently for college expenses was also becoming a more pressing concern. The world of investing was challenging with the myriad of messages in the media that promote fear, sometimes leaving them unable to decide what to do.

Josh and Jenna wanted to save more for their financial objectives, but how much was enough? They wanted to move into a bigger home, but didn’t know if they could afford it without sacrificing other objectives. They knew there were better ways to make their money work harder for them, but were uncertain how. They understood fluctuation in their investment accounts was normal, but they liked the certainty of bank savings. They wanted to know, not just hope, that their financial objectives would come true, and that they could find a balance between spending now and available savings for spending in the future.


With MAP’s guidance Josh and Jenna are relieved to fully understand their current financial status and the most important goals to work on. They are aware of the financial strategies that had eluded them for years and wished they had sought professional guidance sooner. As their lives evolve and financial circumstances change, MAP’s ongoing advice and counsel reassures them that they have achieved the optimal balance between saving and spending, and are on track to achieve their goals while enjoying life to the fullest.

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