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Mindful Asset Planning


The importance of receiving
fiduciary advice


The pathfinder process leads us to a common understanding of how we can help.


Get your ducks in a row with custom analysis to make confident money decisions.


Your thoughts and emotions about money are powerful drivers of your behavior, so be conscious of their power over decision making.

Client Experiences

Depending on your unique financial circumstances and life stage, you’ll receive many benefits from a variety of topics as we help you navigate your financial plan with our mindful planning process.

Our Approach

About Us

Mindful Asset Planning works as a team to bring you a comprehensive approach. Steve & Susan Zimmerman founded MAP in 1988 to provide compassionate financial planning that helps you clarify and quantify your life goals and a chieve them by receiving reliable, unbiased advice. Our firm helps you MAP a more prosperous path, integrating your financial and human asset strategies for today and the future. Meet our dedicated team members who work on many aspects of your financial plan. . Our Team

Firm History

Founded in 1988, our firm’s name embodies what we give to our clients – Mindful Asset Planning (MAP). We invite you to learn more about where we began and how we’ve grown through dedication to helping clients achieve their goals.

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